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Stop the Air Show

by the Esoteric Scientist

This is a true story, sad but true. A few names and identities have been cha- nged to protect the innocent, the trifling, the deaf, the dumb, and the blind.

The date is March 22, 1996 A.D., a reoccurring "phenomenon" is taking place in urban areas and big cities all over the Diasopra. This is not a date of par- ticular importance of significance, unless you belong to the "high order of sneaker worshippers". It is a holy day for these people, the new black-on- black Air Jordan's are being released. To celebrate, followers waited in front of the mall shoe stores for two to three hours before they opened. I observed this because I work in a mall and was not part of these ceremonies.

The stories all varied, some skipped school, others were late for work or didn' t even go. However, they were going to do whatever it took to pur- chase a pair of $140 shoes that sit on your feet. I was so disturbed by this because young Nubian males were the majority of participants in these rituals of shoe hommage. This is totally ridiculous behavior!!!

Nubian men in the United States have enough problems WITHOUT BEATING EACH OTHER ASSES FOR SOME SILLY SHOES!!!!!!

My exasperated reaction to this Air Jordan shoe "phenomenon" is a culmination of many other factors. It seems in the Nubian American community the latest trend or "flavor of the month" has surpassed our cultural motifs and identity. People are so busy keeping up with the Jones's, when they should be keeping up with Molefi Asante, C.A. Diop, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Malachi Z. York, and George G.M. James who are still considered as Nubian cultural icons to this day. These people care about you and want you to reach the next level of spiritual, mental and physical consciousness. The books and knowledge thses men give you won't play out in two months, but will give you heightened awareness and strength that will last a lifetime.

Mr. Michael Jordan and Nike view young Nubian men as pawns in their game to make corporate millions. Who cares if a few innocent Nubians are shot, stabbed, and killed for their shoes. THAT'S RIGHT SHOES!! Nike deliber- ately hypes these shoes up creating a huge demand for them. Then they have the nerve to send less than half enough shoes to meet people's desire for them. It sounds like a sick game of cat and mouse that Nubians need not to take part in (if we know what's good for us).

Why dosen't Nike send enough shoes? They want to keep people lusting for this shoe that only a few select can obtain. It keeps people interest up so when the next model comes out it can sellout just as fast or even faster. In the end it all just adds up to amking a huge profit for Nike and Mr. "Air" Jordan himself.

I implore Nubians NOT to fall for these acts of chicanery. We, as a people, should not support comapnies that do not take into consideration the effects of their actions and policies on our community.

This MADitorial was brought to you by the men of MAD Writer Productions. MAD Writer Productions are the Esoteric Scientist, Madcat the Nocturnal, Jamil Hakiym, and Brother Messiah Akindele as the MAD Writer. E-mail us or call us at (313)487-3877 for more information. Hotep!!!!!!